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whole-mango I give up, wtf is up with my skin, it’s motherfucking august and I’ve had hive problems since middle of June

Ok not cool, it’s been a month and a half and I still have daily hives or whatever the fuck they are they better go away, I can’t sleep when it itches, I always feel like my meds aren’t enough, wtf is wrong with my system, I’ve been feeling so attacked, my body my temple is being attacked and I’m fucking tired, I wanna go to sleep chill but I can’t, I hate everything, I wanna chop off my hands and piggies bc this itch is so under my skin and it’s super tough in the palms of my hands and soles of my feet, I need to fucking chill



Seriously there are plenty of hot guys and girls that will appreciate you beyond your skin color, and still appreciate your racial background in a none gross way). Don’t settle for any Tom, Dick, or Harry that shows your race ANY type of “interest.”

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reblog if ur an ethereal being of pure light

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mom, why am i so cute?

i wish i could find for you a pretty brown boy, a boy who is comfortable in his skin and who loves yours, a boy who wants your conversation as much as he wants your kisses.  @Anonymous

any person of color, not just boys (but i guess i have a preference for boys, since it’s more common for me to come across straight boys). but that sounds heavenly :-) you’re the anon from this, yeah? i hope so too, you’re really looking out for me


Schooled  Larry King.

Watch the full interview here.

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The “Asian accent” tells the story of Chinese-American assimilation in a nutshell. Our parents have the accent that white Americans perceive as the most foreign out of all the possible alternatives, so our choice is to have no accent at all. The accent of our parents is the accent of the grimy streets of Chinatown with its mahjong parlors and fried food stalls and counterfeit jewelry, so we work to wipe away all traces of that world from our speech so we can settle comfortably into our roles as respectable middle-class doctors, lawyers, engineers, hundreds of miles from Chinatown.

No wonder we react so viscerally to the “ching-chong, ching-chong” schoolyard taunt. To attack our language, our ability to sound “normal,” is to attack our ability to be normal. It’s to attack everything we’ve worked for.

And make no mistake about it — to sound like a “normal” American is to wield privilege.







Why don’t you like Katy Perry?

This is why.

She’s a racist piece of trash

Wait a white girl getting corn rows is racist now? 

Also since when are cultures OWNED? Isn’t that in itself racist? Furthermore the ancient egyptian culture has been dead for nearly 3000 years, who cares. Second she’s not ripping these cultures to shreds by making fun of them, she’s embracing them, so who cares. Honestly, just because she has a fascination with other cultures and wants to use them visually doesn’t make her a racist. If she started singing “ching ching chong” while in a kimono THEN would it be racist.

Y’all need to check yourselves. 

The FUCK you know White bwoy? ಠ╭╮ಠ

You don’t know shit about racism, what it is, and how Black people are SYSTEMICALLY DISENFRANCHISED FOR THEIR HAIR.

Egyptians are alive and well you mierda. You don’t even know the difference between embracing and fucking appropriating. The people of the groups she’s supposedly “embracing” are like FUCK YOU NO YOU SUCK and you STILL dare to cough up your bullshit making excuses. 

Read a fucking book and get ya ass off my post, fool.

Yo chill the fuck out. Spencestar is not wrong. You are just oversensitive. She’s an artist. She’s a pop star more importantly. She puts on these costumes for the big flashy aesthetic of it all. 

You are looking for something to be wrong here. Stop. 

So black people have a had cornrows. It’s a fucking hairstyle. Sure she’s imitating that stereotype but its not the “black-people-with-cornrows” stereotype. It’s just that branch of that culture. 

And show me an entire group of people from the races she’s supposedly being racist towards saying “Fuck you no you suck.” She has international fans of different races and cultures. She wouldn’t blatantly put on these costumes to purposefully hurt and embarrass these races. 

Calm the fuck down. You are one of those people I can’t fucking stand that want to find a racist issue in every little fucking thing.

This is part of the reason I’m starting to hate this fucking website.

Everything is racist or sexist. Everything.

Kiss my ass. No it’s not. You’re looking for people to make villains out of.

Fuck. Off.

You can fuck off too you White supremacist kool aide drinkin’ fool.

Educate yaself.

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